4-H Online Project Learning

Below are a number of online 4-H project learning opportunities.  Additional opportunities will be coming out weekly.  Stay tuned.

Check out this week’s e-learning opportunities! All of these opportunities are geared toward youth learners, and you can learn with us via Zoom. Simply click the links below up to 10-minutes before the session begins to join us!


3/24, 7:30pm – Gardening basics https://uwextension.zoom.us/j/539418521

3/25, 2:00pm – Meditation during times of madness https://zoom.us/j/374304546

3/26, 3:00pm – Chocolate – everything about it! https://uwextension.zoom.us/j/563860875

3/26, 4:00pm – Photography, learn your camera settings https://uwextension.zoom.us/j/308726945

3/27, 7:30pm – Breadmaking 101 https://uwextension.zoom.us/j/433956593

Topic/Project-Area Platform Date Time Description Resource link (Zoom connection info, youtube link for recorded videos, etc.)
Engineering 101 Youtube 3/16/20 ~3:00 PM Build a basic bridge using toothpicks and marshmallows! Once you have your bridge, share your results online using the hashtags #WI4H #inspirekidstodo https://youtu.be/gWptxmNW0Jc
Collecting/Hatching/Candling Eggs Zoom 03/18/2020 7:30 PM Everything eggs! https://uwextension.zoom.us/j/701282437
Traditions – how do they start, which ones do you have? Zoom 3/19/20 3:00 PM Virtual 4-H meeting https://uwextension.zoom.us/j/372877910
Ambiguity’s Effect on Our Brain and Behavior Zoom 3/19 2:00 PM How does ambiguity affect our brain and behavior? https://uwextension.zoom.us/j/629866407
Wisconsin Tribes Zoom 3/20 2:00 PM Do you know how many Wisconsin Native Tribes we have and where they are located? Learn how to say “Hello” in each tribal language! https://zoom.us/j/792428561
Baby Rabbit Care and Handling Zoom 03/21/2020 7:30 PM Taking a look at baby rabbits in different stages and how to handle https://uwextension.zoom.us/j/221743665
Engineering 201 Youtube 3/23/20 ~3:00 PM
Build a bridge using common household supplies, and then see how much weight it can hold! Once you have your bridge, share your results online using the hashtags #WI4H #inspirekidstodo
Starting Seeds in Your Garden Zoom 03/24 7:30 PM Potting soil, seed depth, lights, greenhouse set up https://uwextension.zoom.us/j/539418521
Ambiguity’s Effect on Our Brain and Behavior Zoom 3/24 6:00 PM How does ambiguity affect our brain and behavior? https://uwextension.zoom.us/j/629866407
Meditation During Times of Madness Zoom 3/25 2:00 PM Let’s face it, the last week(s) has been a bit stressful and crazy! Learn how to clear your mind and take a few minutes to shut away the worries of the day. https://zoom.us/j/374304546
Chocolate – everything about it Zoom 3/26/20 3:00 PM Virtual 4-H meeting https://uwextension.zoom.us/j/563860875
Photography – Camera Settings Zoom 3/26 4:00 PM Learn about the settings on your camera and what they do https://uwextension.zoom.us/j/308726945
Homemade Bread Making Zoom 03/27 7:30 PM Bread Making 101! https://uwextension.zoom.us/j/433956593
Caring for Baby Chicks Zoom 03/30/2020 7:30 PM Getting Chicks Started https://uwextension.zoom.us/j/147884926
Photography – Composition 101 Zoom 3/31 4:00 PM Discover basic composition strategies https://uwextension.zoom.us/j/308726945
Let’s Laugh Together… Featuring You! Zoom 4/1 3:00 PM Be ready to share a few of your own good clean jokes to keep everyone’s spirits high! https://zoom.us/j/510607147
TBD Zoom 4/2/20 3:00 PM Virtual 4-H meeting https://uwextension.zoom.us/j/410337022
How to Make a Simple Cheese and Apple Slice Quesadilla YouTube 4/3 This will be a YouTube Video posted to 4-H Winnebago County 4-H Facebook and Website. Guest appearance by Julia Childs’ long lost sister, Roslyn Childs. (Be prepared to laugh!) https://winnebago.extension.wisc.edu/4h/
Photography – Composition 201 Zoom 4/7 4:00 PM Look into more advanced composition techniques https://uwextension.zoom.us/j/308726945
How to Make Homemade Safe Cleaning Products Zoom 4/8 2:00 PM Learn how to make some safe cleaning products using household ingredients. https://zoom.us/j/968503597
TBD Zoom 4/9/20 3:00 PM Virtual 4-H meeting https://uwextension.zoom.us/j/247143697
Nature Challenge Facebook Group Ongoing Ongoing In hopes that we can look outside and learn about the phenology (study of cyclic and seasonal natural phenomena, usually in relation to plant and animal life) in the spring, see what is happening around the state (and in my yard for the question of the day)! https://www.facebook.com/groups/605738260282923/
Postcard Challenge Facebook Group Ongoing Ongoing To learn about the places we have been and places we want to go together! https://www.facebook.com/groups/2565841750365463/
Various Science Topics Website Ongoing Ongoing UW-Madison Science Alliance (campus science outreach) is organizing a list of workshop activities that can be done at home (#schoolsoutscience) https://science.wisc.edu/
Painting (Bob Ross Style) Zoom TBD TBD Paint a Masterpiece with Steph Kempe
Engineering Advanced Bridges YouTube https://youtu.be/Wdu3ZUB6eAY
Pop UP Greeting Card – community service YouTube https://youtu.be/aGOuZJbmxlA