COVID-19 Social Isolation Resource Guide for St. Croix County

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in many lifestyle changes for the people in our community. The stay-at home orders and distancing guidelines have made it even more difficult for some of our populations in need of additional support and connection. Many of our older adults and family caregivers have been isolated from loved ones and from services and necessary health care. These changes can result in other mental and physical health issues. In an effort to mitigate the impacts of social isolation and loneliness caused by COVID-19 and beyond, Extension has compiled a list of local and statewide services into a resource guide to make it easier to find the resources that people need.

Please click on the Social Isolation Resource Guide PDF to find a list of local services.

Contact Selena Freimark, Health & Well-Being Educator, at or 715-531-1947 if you have questions, changes or additions to the guide, or would like to be sent a printed copy of the guide.

(updated Aug 2020)
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