4-H Endowment Fund

St. Croix County 4-H Endowment Fund

Purpose:  To receive memorials, gifts and bequests, for the support, expansion, and promotion of the St. Croix County 4-H program.

Why an Endowment Fund?:  To provide long-rang support for the St. Croix County 4-H program. Through the establishment of this fund, the St. Croix County 4-H program is able to accept gifts and memorials.

How does the fund work?:  The endowment fund is a depository of gifts and donations for the St. Croix County 4-H program.  Only the interest earned will be used to fund educational programs to support the strengthening and expanding of the 4-H program in St. Croix County.  Once our goal of $25,000.00 has been reached in the fund, the interest earnings will be utilized to support programming for 4-H members.  The principle investment of the endowment fund will not be used for current operating expenses of the St. Croix County 4-H Leaders Association.

Who can contribute?:  Any size gift from anyone is accepted.  Cash gifts, memorials, bequests, and property, including stock, real-estate and land are appreciated.  All contributions and gifts are tax deductible as provided in Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code.

What kind of contributions are made to the St. Croix County 4-H Endowment Fund?:  Contributions have been received in memory of individuals who have passed away, in honor of individuals who are still living, as well as gifts given simply to support 4-H because it is an exceptional youth development program.

How are gifts give in memory of or in honor of a person recognized?:  The St. Croix County 4-H Endowment Plaque is permanently housed at the Ag. Services and Education Center in Baldwin, WI.  Engraved name plates are added when a contribution is received in someone’s name.  The plaque is a way to recognize those who have touched our lives in so many ways.

Where do I send my endowment fund?:  All contributions should be mailed to

St. Croix County 4-H

4-H Endowment Fund

1960 8th Ave, Suite 140

Baldwin, WI  54002

Make Checks payable to:  St. Croix County 4-H Endowment Fund (In the memo line write 4-H Endowment Fund.  If applicable, also include the name of the individual for whom you are making the donation.  All gifts will be acknowledged to the honoree, or family of the memorialized, if addresses are given.)


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