Welcome to St. Croix County 4-H! Interested in Joining? Here’s How!

New Members/Families

4-H clubs are organized learning groups with a volunteer leader, a group of elected youth officers, and a membership of eager 4-H members. Members of clubs generally enroll in various project areas. The purpose of a club is to provide positive youth development opportunities, through educational programs, to meet the needs of its youth members.

In St. Croix County there are 19 clubs that one can join. A youth or adult should not have a difficult time finding a club …the hardest part will deciding which one to join. Below is a map and a list of clubs in St. Croix County.

4-H Club Map with Meeting Schedule 2022-2023 FINAL

Dues for the year – Paid to the club at time of enrollment or at the club’s deadline date. Dues are usually $3.00 to 10.00 per year.

Watch for the 4-H newsletter called the “Communicator” and weekly “4-H Email Blasts” for information dates and deadlines, workshops and events, and countywide committee meetings.

New members may enroll at any time during the year!!

However, in order to participate in the St. Croix County fair, all enrollments, new and previous members, must be done before March 31st. All enrollments must be done in the wi.4HOnline.com website. After March 31st new members may still join 4-H, but will not be allowed to exhibit at the St. Croix County Fair in the Junior Division for the current year.

Youth Growth Within 4-H

Cloverbuds: Youth in grades K-2. Cloverbuds are enrolled solely in Cloverbud Projects

Explorers: Youth in grade 3. It is meant to allow kids to try a variety of project areas and to exhibit a variety of projects at the fair. 3rd grade Explorers can only take ONE animal project (cannot be market animals). 4-H Shooting Sports programs are available to youth from 3rd grade and eight years old through the year following high school. Shooting Sports projects include archery, air pistol, .22 pistol, muzzleloading, air rifle (.177 pellet, .177 BB), .22 rifle, .22 pistol and shotgun. 4-H youth must be 12 years of age to operate any powder-burning firearm. This includes .22 handgun or rifle, muzzleloading handgun or rifle, or shotgun. Youth in grade 3 are required to take Exploring as a project in 4HOnline.

Members: Youth in grades 4-13 can participate as regular members. Suggestion is to select one to two projects. More can be selected if youth and parents feel they can handle it. Check on project leaders for programs. If the county or club does not have leaders, the parents and youth will need to work on the project.

** Grade is determined by registration into the school district during the 4-H enrollment period. When a child exhibits at the fair, they are enrolled under the grade that they just completed, not the grade they will be entering in the Fall after the fair.

Are you interested in 4-H?  Joining a club and getting started is easy!

For new 4H families follow these easy steps:

      1. Find a 4-H Community Club in St. Croix County!  If you have questions, please contact the UW-Extension office for assistance at (715)531-1930 or email: sky.holt@wisc.edu  .
      2. See the following instructions to enroll your family after you have found a club and visit wi.4HOnline.com .

The Following are Instructional PDF’s for New Families/Leaders, Club Management and Project Leaders

Click on the Link Below to View the 4-H Projects that are Offered in Wisconsin

Wisconsin 4-H Project Guide

Click on the Link Below to Access the Code of Conduct/Behavior Expectations at 4-H Activities

Code of Conduct Contract

Requests for accommodations for disabilities or limitations should be made prior to the date of the program or activity for which it is needed. Please make such requests as early as possible by contacting the  St. Croix County Office (715-531-1930) so proper arrangements can be made. University of Wisconsin-Extension, U.S. Department of Agriculture and Wisconsin counties cooperating UW-Extension provides equal opportunities in employment and programming, including Title IX and ADA.

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