Annual / End of Year Awards

2019 Award Deadline is September 9, 2019


The Club Leaders  / Leaders Association will be providing the following awards

Cloverbud Certificates:  Kindergarten through 2nd grade Cloverbuds will receive a special Cloverbud Certificate.

Year Recognition:  First Year member pins – Cloverbud years will be counted as years in 4-H.  That means, first year member pins will be awarded at the end of the members first year whether they are a Cloverbud, Explorer, or other first year member.  Member pins are also awarded for members at the end of the members 5th and 10th year.

Completion Certificates:  For Explorers through graduation (club leaders will be responsible for filling these out).  Please indicate on the award form if you want completion certificates, and how many.

Outstanding Graduate:  Recognition of “outstanding” graduating members for their achievements in and their commitment and long-term contribution to 4-H.  This award is meant to acknowledge any graduating 4-H member (who meets 4-H policy for graduation) who has demonstrated leadership characteristics through their participation at the club or county level during their 4-H career – overall.  Club leaders may nominate as many graduating 4-H members for this award as they feel merit the recognition.  These members will be invited to attend the Leader’s Banquet, and will be recognized for their contributions at that time.  This award is suggested for High School Seniors.  Nomination Form Outstanding Graduate Award Form Due September 9, 2019

Project Awards:  It is very important that you specify which project / activity disc you wish to award to the member. Without this information we cannot order the proper discs.  For disc information look over Disc List .  If non of the discs apply contact Melissa at the UW-Extension Office, she may be able to find a disc that fits your needs.  The Awards Table Form will tell you how many project awards you can give to your club membership.  The following form must be completed with project winners Project Awards for Members Form

Club Evaluation:  Evaluation of your club’s activities, involvement, etc. is optional.  Evaluation Form Club Evaluation Form Due September 9, 2019.

Club Awards:  Please complete a separate application for each award area Club Award Application Form Due September 9, 2019.



Friend of 4-H Award:    An individual who is not a certified 4-H leader and does much for the 4-H program.  Nominate a Friend of 4-H There can be no more than 3 nominations per club.  Due September 9, 2019.

Florence Jensen Award:  Nominate one boy and/or girl (older youth) who has demonstrated leadership on a county level.  Nomination form  Florence Jensen County Leadership Award Form Due September 9, 2019.

Helen Holzer Award:  Nominate on boy and / or girl (older youth) who has demonstrated leadership on a club level.  Nomination form Helen Holzer Club Leadership Award Form Due September 9, 2019.

County Farm Bureau Boy & Girl:  Nominate one boy and/or girl between grades 8-10 who demonstrated leadership potential and overall achievement.  This award is sponsored by the St. Croix County Farm Bureau Organization.  Nomination Form Farm Bureau Boy and Girl Award Form Due September 9, 2019.

Record Book Evaluation Form:  Record Book Evaluation Forms are available as a guide for leaders to review club member’s record books.4-H Record & Member Eval. Form If copies are needed please let the UW-Extension Office know.



The Leader’s Association will be providing the following awards; however, they need your help for some of the nominations.

National 4-H Conference: Each county is allowed to nominate one member to apply for the National 4-H Conference trip.  From the applications, six – eight individuals will be selected to represent Wisconsin.  In addition to the nomination, the member must participate in an interview in November.  Please complete the nomination for the member from your club who can participate in the interview.  Return the nomination form to the UWEX Office by September 9, 2019.  Nomination Form Nominations for National 4-H Conference Form



Outstanding Livestock Member Award:  The Livestock Project member must apply for this award.  A member may only receive this award once.  Outstanding Livestock Member Application Form Due September 9, 2019.

Outstanding Breeding Stock Member Award:  The Breeding Stock Project member must apply for this award.  A member may only receive this award once.  Outstanding Breeding Stock Member Form Due September 9, 2019.



The Living Memorial Award is meant for an individual who puts a lot of time and effort into the County Fair to make it a success each year.  Non 4-H Leaders as well as 4-H Leaders are eligible.  To nominate an individual, complete the Living Memorial Award Nomination and submit to the UW-Extension Office by April 1, 2019.

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