We teach, learn, lead and serve, connecting people with the University of Wisconsin–Madison, and engaging with them in transforming lives and communities.


A thriving, well-known and sought-out educational resource that reflects the rich diversity of the state.


Community: We empower others and ourselves by listening to, learning from, and respecting local knowledge. We value our partnerships and believe community voices are critical to success. We work in community with one another to build a culture of collegiality.

Discovery: We promote lifelong learning, unbiased transformational education and excellence through our scholarly work. We integrate University research with community-based knowledge to explore new solutions and their practical applications. We encourage innovation in teaching, research and outreach to serve the public good.

Inclusiveness: We recognize, appreciate and honor the differences, similarities and contributions of all people and communities. We are intentional in our efforts to ensure equity, justice and fairness. We embrace new ideas and approaches in our work.

Relationships:  We foster positive relationships through honesty, open communication and accountability. We meet educational needs by creating linkages among cultural, economic and environmental contexts. We recognize and trust the essential and interconnected nature of all roles within Extension.

Respect: We appreciate and serve as stewards of our state’s resources. We honor and value each other’s time and talents. We seek to maintain a balance between life and work priorities.

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