Nutrition Education


The Wisconsin FoodWise progam is a UW-Extension nutrition education program that helps limited resource families and individuals choose healthful diets, purchase and prepare healthful food and handle it safely. Familes become more food secure by spending their food dollars wisely.

Nutrition Education in St. Croix, Polk and Pierce Counties

Nutrition education takes place in various St. Croix, Polk and Pierce County locations including grocery stores, WIC clinics, food pantries, Head Start, Job Service, Shelters, Schools and Senior Sites.  Education focuses on learning how to plan healthy, inexpensive meals, how to foster healthy eating habits in children, simple meal preparation methods and practices, and how to be more physically active.

Produce Fact Sheets

Baby Swiss Chard Fact Sheet

Beets Fact Sheet

Broccoli – Brocoli Fact Sheet

Brussels Sprouts – Coles De Bruselas Fact Sheet

Cabbage – Repollo Fact Sheet

Cauliflower – Coliflor Fact Sheet

Carrots – Zanahorias Fact Sheet

Celery – Apio Fact Sheet

Corn – Maiz Fact Sheet

Cucumber – Pepinos Fact Sheet

Diakon – Rabano Tipo Daikon Fact Sheet

Edamame – Edamame Fact Sheet+

Eggplant – Berenjena Fact Sheet

Garlic – Ajo Fact Sheet

Green Beans – Judias Verdes Fact Sheet

Scallion Green Onion – Cebollin Cebolla Verde Fact Sheet

Greens & Lettuce – Lechuga Y Otras Hojas Verdes Fact Sheet

Ground Cherries – Cerezas De Tierra Fact Sheet

Herbs – Hierbas Fact Sheet

Kale & Collard Greens – Col Rizada Y Col Silvestre Fact Sheet

Kohlrabi – Colirrabano Fact Sheet

How to peel and cut a kohlrabi:

Leeks – Poros Fact Sheet

Melons – Melones Fact Sheet


Onions – Cebollas Fact Sheet

Pac Choi Fact Sheet

Parsnips – Chirivias Fact Sheet

Peas – Chicharos Fact Sheet

Peppers Fact Sheet

Potatoes – Papas Fact Sheet

Pumpkin – Calabaza Fact Sheet

Radicchio – Achicoria Roja Fact Sheet

Radish – Rabanos Fact Sheet

Rhubarb – Ruibarbo Fact Sheet

Rutabaga – Colkinabos Fact Sheet

Shallots – Chalotes Fact Sheet

Spinach – Espinacas Fact Sheet

Strawberries – Fresas Fact Sheet

Summer Squash – Calabaza De Verano Fact Sheet

Swiss Chard – Acelgas Fact Sheet

Tomatoes – Tomates Fact Sheet

Turnips – Nabos Fact Sheet

Winter Squash – Calabaza De Invierno Fact Sheet

Zucchini – Calabacin Fact Sheet

How to Plan Healthy Meals


Sample Menus

Inexpensive Meals

Spend Smart, Eat Smart

Healthy Eating on a Budget

Healthy Eating Habits


Tips for Eating Healthy when Eating Out; (

How to be More Physically Active

Fitness, Sports and Nutrition

Ideas for Physical Activity

Stategies to Increase Physical Activity

More Strategies to Increase Physical Activity; (

Why is Physical Activity Important?


News and Updates




More Resources

If you have any questions regarding FoodWIse or Nutrition Programs in St. Croix, Polk or Pierce County, please contact:

Katie Bartko-Nutrition Coordinator

St. Croix County– UW Extension
1960 8th Ave, Suite 140
Baldwin, WI 54002
Phone: 715-531-1930
Fax: 715-684-2666


Sarah Johnson_opt

Sarah Johnson-Nutrition Educator

St. Croix County– UW Extension
1960 8th Ave, Suite 140
Baldwin, WI 54002
Phone: 715-531-1930
Fax: 715-684-2666