Focus on Fathers

I’d like to share a free parenting class opportunity. This is an online class specifically created for fathers and those in a father role.  We know that fathers play a critical role in a child’s healthy growth and development.  We also know that fathers need a place to connect and learn from each other.  The father-child or father figure-child connection is so important in building a strong foundation in language, critical thinking, physical skills, social and emotional learning, and more.

The Focus on Fathers class is offered at 6PM, on the 2nd Tuesday of every month. Participants can receive a certificate of completion if they attend sessions. Topics include things like, Fathers Communicate with Children, Relax and Enjoy Fathering, Fathers Help Children Handle Emotions, Fathers Help Children Make Good Choices, and more. Fathers can participate in one, two or multiple sessions.

Also, our new state website is up and running – check out all the classes and resources we offer parents and caregivers:

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