4-H Scholarships & Awards

2024/2025 Scholarships

The St. Croix County 4-H Leaders Association Educational Scholarships are awarded to 4-Her’s based on demonstrated personal growth, development and leadership, academic performance, community engagement, and future educational goals.

St. Croix County 4-H Educational Scholarship – The Leaders Association will grant these awards to 4-H’ers based on demonstrated personal growth, development and leadership, academic performance, community engagement, and future educational goals.

St. Croix County 4-H Trade Education Scholarship – The Leaders Association will now be also granting scholarships specifically for those pursuing a career in the trades.  Trades careers could include, but are not limited to welding, construction, plumbing, carpentry, electrician, etc.

The Betty Jean Utecht Forgivable Loan is specific to the field of nursing. The Forgivable Loan is awarded to 4-Her’s based on demonstrated personal growth, development and leadership, academic performance, community engagement, and future educational goals. This loan is renewable with an annual application. A 4-H member may apply for both the Betty Jean Utecht Forgivable Loan and a St. Croix County 4-H Leaders Association Scholarship.

All applications must be sent (see specific details in the application) to Sky Holt at sky.holt@wisc.edu no later than Monday, April 1, 2024 at 5:00pm. Late applications cannot be considered. The application requirements represent what youth may be asked to submit when applying for jobs. We encourage applicants to treat this process as if applying for employment.

  • St. Croix County 4-H Educational Scholarship Application 2024:   2024-Scholarship-Application
  • St. Croix County 4-H TRADE Education Scholarship Application 2024:  2024-TRADE-Education-Scholarship-Application
  • Betty Utecht Forgivable Loan Application 2024 (for the field of nursing):  2024-Betty-Utecht-Forgivable-Loan-Application
  • Kaila Fouks 4-H Memorial Scholarship (pursuing a career in dairy science) – Pls submit application following the same format and timeline as the SCC 4-H Educational Scholarship. This scholarship is sponsored by Willow River Elementary School and the Family & Friends of Kaila Fouks.  
  • Dairy Scholarship (sponsored by the Dairy Project) – This scholarship follows a different application process than those mentioned above.  (contact Cindy Schultz at schultzdairy@hotmail.com for complete information and the application) Due May 1

Trip Scholarships

St. Croix County Leader’s Association Scholarships

Members attending 4-H trips in the 2023-24 Club Year are eligible to apply for financial support to help cover some of the trip cost.

  • 1st Deadline – For trips scheduled in Fall 2023-January 31, 2024, application deadline is no later than November 10, 2023 at 5:00pm.
  • 2nd Deadline – For trips scheduled in February 2024-June 30, 2024, application deadline is no later than April 5, 2024 at 5:00pm.

See below for all application details.
2023-24 Scholarship Application AND Forms

Statewide Scholarships

Each year, the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation provides a sum of money to the State 4-H Office for needs-based scholarships for youth to participate in statewide Educational Experiences. Wisconsin 4-H believes that cost should not be a barrier to program participation. Youth can apply for a scholarship by submitting their information at the Qualtrics form linked below. The responses to this form will remain confidential and will only be shared with a small committee that will be managing the scholarship funds.

For more information and apply go: HERE

Sample Resumes

Other Scholarships

2024 Competitive Edge Scholarship

We are reaching out to you to inform you and your students that at least $12,000 in scholarships will be given out by the Alpha Gamma Rho-Iota Chapter at UW-Madison. The scholarships are for incoming UW-Madison students. Alpha Gamma Rho is an agricultural based social professional organization. Our ideal recipient has strong ties to agriculture. Examples of a good candidate include: intent to pursue a degree in the agricultural field, growing up/working on a farm, involvement in FFA, 4-H, showing livestock, or any other agricultural organization.  While this scholarship is targeted to those involved in agriculture it is not a requirement. Anyone with high quality traits that is deserving of the scholarship will be considered. Please spread the word to students. Thanks in advance! Attached in the email there is more information on the scholarship program and the application link. 

Recipient finalists will be required to attend an in-person interview on the morning of Saturday, March 16, 2024, in Madison, Wisconsin. 

The Deadline for applications will be March 3rd 2024. 

St. Croix County Farm Bureau Scholarship

Wisconsin Towns Association 2024 Scholarship Program

Annual / End of Year Awards

2023 Award Deadline is September 6, 2023

Club Awards

The Club Leaders  / Leaders Association will be providing the following awards

  • Club Evaluation:  Evaluation of your club’s activities, involvement, etc. is optional.  Evaluation Form Club Evaluation Form Due September 6, 2023.
  • Record Book Evaluation Form:  Record Book Evaluation Forms are available as a guide for leaders to review club member’s record books.4-H Record & Member Eval. Form If copies are needed please let the UW-Extension Office know.
  • Club Awards:  Areas are now Community Service, 4-H Education and Building 4-H.  Please complete a separate application for each award area (insert pictures on page 3 if applicable) Club Awards Form FINAL Due September 6, 2023.
  • Club Leadership Team Award:    Please complete an application for the Club-Leadership-Team-Award Due September 6, 2023.

Leadership Awards

Key Award: Nominations by leaders  The Wisconsin 4-H Key Award Program recognizes a select group of 4-H participants who have demonstrated consistent growth in their 4-H involvement, developed and applied leadership skills, and actively participated in the functions of their 4-H club and community.  To be eligible, candidates must be in 9th grade or above and must have completed at least three years of 4-H and one year of youth leadership. 2023 Key Award Nomination Form FINAL Due September 6, 2023

Friend of 4-H Award:    An individual who is not a certified 4-H leader and does much for the 4-H program.  Nominate a Friend-of-4-H There can be no more than 3 nominations per club.  Due September 6, 2023.

Florence Jensen Outstanding County Leadership Award:  Nominate no more than two youth who has demonstrated leadership on a county level.  Nomination form Florence-Jensen-Outstanding-County-Leadership-Award-Form  Due September 6, 2023.

Helen Holzer Outstanding Club Leadership Award:  Nominate no more than two youth who has demonstrated leadership on a club level.  Nomination form Helen-Holzer-Outstanding-Club-Leadership-Award-Form Due September 6, 2023.

County Farm Bureau Award:  Nominate no more than two youth between Grades 8-10 who demonstrated leadership potential and overall achievement.  This award is sponsored by the St. Croix County Farm Bureau Organization.  Nomination Form Farm-Bureau-Award-Form Due September 6, 2023.

County Awards & Nomination Forms

Cloverbud Certificates:  Kindergarten through 2nd grade Cloverbuds will receive a special Cloverbud Certificate.

Year Recognition:  First Year member certificates – Cloverbud years will be counted as years in 4-H.  That means, first year member certificates will be awarded at the end of the members first year whether they are a Cloverbud, Explorer, or other first year member.  Member certifcates are also awarded for members at the end of the members 5th,10th, and 14th year.

Outstanding Graduate:  Recognition of “outstanding” graduating members for their achievements in and their commitment and long-term contribution to 4-H.  This award is meant to acknowledge any graduating 4-H member (who meets 4-H policy for graduation) who has demonstrated leadership characteristics through their participation at the club or county level during their 4-H career – overall.  Club leaders may nominate as many graduating 4-H members for this award as they feel merit the recognition.  These members will be invited to attend the Leader’s Banquet, and will be recognized for their contributions at that time.  This award is suggested for High School Seniors.  Nomination Form Outstanding-Graduate-Award-Form Due September 6, 2023.

Project Awards and Nomination Forms

Project Awards:  It is very important that you specify which project / activity disc you wish to award to the member. Without this information we cannot order the proper discs.  For disc information look over Disc List .  A more detailed list of discs can be found at: A & T Disc List The following form must be completed with project winners Project-Awards-for-Members-Form

Outstanding Livestock Member Award:  The Livestock Project member must apply for this award.  A member may only receive this award once.  Outstanding-Livestock-Member-Application-Form Due September 6, 2023.

Outstanding Breeding Stock Member Award:  The Breeding Stock Project member must apply for this award.  A member may only receive this award once.  Outstanding-Breeding-Stock-Member-Form Due September 6, 2023.

Living Memorial Award

The Living Memorial Award is meant for an individual who puts a lot of time and effort into the County Fair to make it a success each year.  Non 4-H Leaders as well as 4-H Leaders are eligible.  To nominate an individual, complete the Living Memorial Award Nomination and submit to the UW-Extension Office by April 1, 2024.

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